SOWA - special machines

The family Sommer has a long tanner tradition. Already grandfather Willy Sommer worked in the leather factory Hirschberg as a carpenter and produced there tanning and retanning drums. His son Achim learned the profession of the tanner up to the tanner's master from scratch. Parallel in addition he also learned the occupation of the mechanical engineering master and repaired everybody machines by himself. Several years he worked in his own tannery, trade with machines and his son Holger learned as a logical consequence also the profession of the tanner. In1993 he went trough the 'Westdeutsche Gerberschule' Reutlingen and qualified himself to the tanner's master. Then Achim and Holger Sommer founded together the company SOWA-special machines with the aim to alter modified tanning machines for the individual application in the customer. In this time we have many clients all over the world.


Inhaber: Holger Sommer
Göritz 22
07927 Hirschberg


Telefon: +49 36644 / 21763
Fax: +49 36644 / 21796


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